Discipline – The Slosberg Tapes

Release Date: 2022-06-07
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Track Listing

1. Bump
2. Full Throttle
3. Happy Feet
4. Karl
5. So What
6. Lullaby Baby
7. Hot ‘N Spicy

Album Info

This is one of my favorite recording memories. There’s an energy to this recording.This lineup also was featured on Sessions at 7A


Now that I’ve unearthed the Zippah recordings from 1994 – 96, you really can see the progression of the band and the arrangements. It was great reuniting with Dan on Moving Forward.


Discipline is:
Allan Hirt – Bass
Kurth Tvinnereim – Tenor Saxophone

Dan Abreu – Alto Saxophone
Andreas Brade – Drums
Jonno Deily-Swearingen – Percussion on “Bump”
Mark Mullins – Trumpet
Sean Sweeney – Piano

Other Information

Recorded live to 2-track DAT on May 15, 1997 at Slosberg Recital Hall, Brandeis University

Produced by Allan Hirt and Kurth Tvinnereim
Engineered by Jonno Deliy-Swearingen